Philly Artists to Paint by Numbers of NFL Draft’s 1st Round

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Sixteen Philadelphia artists are painting by numbers, using the NFL Draft as their guide.

The artists, working with Mural Arts Philadelphia and the National Football League, will take part in a unique new work that coincides with the 32 picks in the first round of the draft that starts at 8 p.m., Thursday.

“During the first evening of the Draft, 16 artists will each create two paintings each about the first round Draft picks selected by NFL teams,” the groups stated in a joint press release. “The artists will have a canvas painted with a background color matching each team’s color. Once a team selects a player, the artist will begin to create a painting that may include imagery of the player, the city, or the NFL franchise in that city.”

Considering that the artists will only have 10 minutes per painting — the length of time each team gets to make its player selection — the works of art will be finished Friday and put on display ahead of the second and third rounds of the draft, which begin 8 p.m., Friday.

The remaining rounds take place Saturday afternoon. The paintings will take place along the Ben Franklin Parkway inside the NFL “Draft Experience” between 22nd and 24th streets.

Here’s the list of artists who are participating:

Felix St. Fort – picks 1 and 17

Morgan Shankweiler – picks 2 and 18

Nathaniel Lee – picks 3 and 19

Keith Greiman – picks 4 and 20

Randy Bullock – picks 5 and 21

Sarah Ryan – picks 6 and 22

Ali Williams – picks 7 and 23

Ryan Psota – picks 8 and 24

Hawk Krall – picks 9 and 25

Rebecca Simon Miller – picks 10 and 26

Distort – picks 11 and 27

John Zerbe – picks 12 and 28

Santiago Galeas – picks 13 and 29

Amir Lyles – picks 14 and 30

Willis Humphrey – picks 15 and 31

Priscilla Anacakuyani Bell – picks 16 and 32

1 Philadelphia

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