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Teller: We were living in Cape May, N.J., for a long time. So just going to the Vet [Veterans Stadium]. My two sisters were Atlanta Braves fans. I think both of my sisters had crushes on Dave Justice. So I just remember going to the Vet. The ’93 team … I can name every player on that roster. Darren Daulton is my favorite player of all time. When we moved to Florida, I remember going to the old Spring Training stadium — Jack Russell. I remember I had a Wolf Pack mask that my grandma [Dorothy] got me from up in Philly. I just remember Randy Wolf being just the nicest guy, chatting with him for a really long time.

Now that I’m older, my memories are the Tiki Bar here. It’s just such a great stadium. Your dad says you have pictures with Randy Wolf and Mike Lieberthal. Anybody else?

Teller: Daulton is No. 1 for me. [Scott] Rolen is No. 2. Rolen and J-Roll [Jimmy Rollins]. They would always sign. But once I moved to Florida, we were an hour and a half from this stadium. That’s what we would do. We’d come down and get autographs and stuff. It was great. Do you follow the Phillies during the season?

Teller: I have [MLB.TV], so I can watch them. I can watch them everywhere. Admittedly, more so last year — this year I know a lot of the names, but I remember we went to Spring Training last year and you’ve got to relearn those guys. The [Chase] Utleys and the [Shane] Victorinos, [Ryan] Howard and those guys are gone now. I actually live in L.A., so the Dodgers are like Phillies West. I can still see Chooch [Carlos Ruiz], man. It’s a rebuilding year. Every year, few years you’ve got to go through that, but anytime I see Phillies red, I’m just excited about it. Do you remember where you watched Game 5 of the 2008 World Series?

Teller: I was going to NYU at the time and there’s a bar up there called Wogies. It’s all Philly owned. I remember I watched it there. I remember when they won, me and my buddies were really buzzed and you just turned around and it was like being at a party. Nobody knew anybody, but everybody was dancing. I literally cried. Is that right?

Teller: Yeah, for sure. Even though the Phillies were winning division after division, before that it was Marlon Anderson, Desi Relaford, Travis Lee — it was some struggles. So once we finally became this powerhouse, it was just unreal, man. I really didn’t know if I was going to see the Phillies win a World Series, so I cried. I think a lot of Phillies fans felt the same way you felt that night.

Teller: It’s the farm system. A lot of those guys were homegrown. That’s what they’re trying to do here now. Maybe they’ll be back there in a few years.

Teller: Bring it back, man. We’re ready. We haven’t had a winning season since 2011. I know the [beer] will taste a little better, be a little colder, once those wins start racking up.

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