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Keep Abraham out of DA’s Office

Appointing former District Attorney Lynne M. Abraham as the temporary DA for the next five months, replacing disgraced Seth Williams, would be an absolute horrendous decision (“Abraham blasts NAACP chief, rejects call to end bid for DA job,” Tuesday). Abraham was the catalyst in catapulting Seth “I never met a bribe I didn’t like” Williams to the DA’s Office.

Abraham was so archaic in her view of law enforcement that she gave police free rein. Her unflinching support of the Philadelphia Police Department and its brazen acts of corruption and violations of Philadelphians’ basic human rights perplexed even some of her supporters. She was the embodiment of a district attorney who used and supported tactics in law enforcement and the judicial system from a time so far gone that Darwin would have headed back to the drawing board.

Appointing Abraham as interim DA would be like pouring acid on the unhealed wounds of many Philadelphians who still have not recovered mentally from her 18 years as district attorney.

Anthony Johnson, Philadelphia, johnsonanthony99@hotmail.com

She would restore integrity

I strongly disagree with Minister Rodney Muhammad’s opposition to Lynne M. Abraham to serve as interim Philadelphia District Attorney (“NAACP: Abraham is unfit to be interim DA,” Monday).

I cannot speak to what happened in 1997, when then-DA Abraham opposed a nominee to the federal bench, but I can speak to the woman I know. She is the epitome of a straight-shooting, hardworking, honest woman who is needed following the reign of Seth Williams. Give the city someone to trust again, and give the DA’s office a leader to take the helm and steer this office back to the level of integrity it enjoyed before Williams smeared it.

Sharon M. Banfe, Berlin

Fisk is uniquely qualified

I agree with Tuesday’s editorial, “Wisely select interim DA.” I would hope that the judges who are voting would seriously consider Arlene Fisk.

Twenty years ago, while still in law school, I had the privilege of working with Fisk when she was in the Homicide Unit of the District Attorney’s Office. Her ability to craft powerful narratives for juries, while remaining focused on the smallest details of her cases, has inspired me throughout my legal career. More importantly for the position of interim DA, her integrity was beyond reproach. She taught me, first and foremost, that a prosecutor’s job was not to get a conviction, but to do justice, whatever that might be in a given case.

After her time in the District Attorney’s Office, Fisk went on to an equally impressive career in the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. At no time has she run for political office. Her deep, apolitical experience in state and federal courts is unique among the 14 applicants and would serve the District Attorney’s Office well during the next five months.

Peter Amuso, Wyndmoor, peteramuso@mac.com

The ‘left’ isn’t violent

The commentary, “Liberal America has a political violence problem” (Monday) was full of distortions and cherry-picked incidences to suggest the “left” is violent. To that I ask: Which political party is supported by the National Rifle Association, which advocates guns in schools and universities and “open carrying” of firearms? Which party has a president who as a candidate called for violence against left-wing protesters and got it? Which party tolerates a top presidential adviser aligned with the KKK? Which party is advocating a health-care bill that would result in millions of Americans unable to afford health care? In the United States, more people have been killed by right-wing extremists than Islamic terrorists.

There are plenty of protests by the left — often not covered in our mainstream media — but they are not violent.

Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders have called for a revolution, but not a violent one. They advocate sensible gun laws; higher minimum wages; a government for the people, not the wealthiest 1 percent; health care as an affordable human right; and democracy over capitalism.

K.B. Kofoed, Drexel Hill

Calling liberals to task

It’s about time a mainstream publication printed an opinion piece rebuking liberals on their deplorable violence and for reproaching liberal leaders for failing to condemn the inexcusable violence and, in many instances, actually inciting it with their despicable rhetoric. Enough is enough. Thank you to the commentary writer for speaking up.

Donna Fitzgerald, Mount Laurel

Terrorists killed Israeli police

Nowhere in the Washington Post story, “5 die in shootout in Israel” (Saturday) are the three Arab gunmen who murdered two Israeli police officers called what they were: terrorists. The article made it sound like an ordinary, random crime, but it wasn’t. The headline provided equivalency to the police and terrorists.

It was not until the penultimate paragraph that it was revealed that the terrorists planned this murder and presaged it on Facebook. The Inquirer’s version of the story omitted U.S. ambassador to Israel David Friedman labeling the attack as terrorism.

Steven Barrer, Huntingdon Valley, sjbarrer@gmail.com

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